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Why I Let Other Men Bang My Wife

My wife maintains a profile on Cheating-Housewives . She meets guys there and they bang my wife …and I love it. It makes me so hot for her I can’t even begin to describe. She’s even more desirable in my eyes now I know I have competition. Our sex life, and our marriage is better than ever , even after 15 years and it’s because other guys screw my wife. I love to reclaim her body, my property, after each lover she has. I make her mine again.. and then she “strays” and I “punish” her again.

I guess it’s because she is a nympho? but hell, she is a damn fine looking woman and bound to get male attention whenever she goes out so I figure Cheating-Housewives gives us both a safe environment to explore our kink 😉 Nothing goes on without my consent , and I know that she’s fulfilled. I give her a good marriage and provide for her in ways that her male “friends” don’t so really, it’s great. I have a stressful job and can’t always give her the sex she deserves.
So yeah, that’s why I let other guys bone my wife.. I plain don;t have time to satisfy her and I sure as hell can’t face losing her, and we both get a huge thrill from her sexual exploits!